“If I had a hammer! I’d hammer in the morning, I’d hammer in the evening, all over this land”

Claude François praised us the merits of this tool.

Do you know that it also means the predecessor of “doorbell ” also called the knocker?

Look at Bordeaux, at the corner of a street, a courtyard (not an Avenue)

On an ordinary door, a doorway, it reaches out.

Some are as beautiful as if they emanated from the craftsman themselves.
Others reflect the wealth of their owner.
Others are more modest, some even need attention.

Although it may no longer be in service, on mansions, monuments and houses where it was hung,

it is that little detail, signing the beauty of a façade.

For you to admire and knock!

Découvrez les heurtoirs lors d'une visite dans la ville de Bordeaux

These works are part of Bordeaux’s heritage
admire, during a cultural visit with B for Bordeaux