Do Visit Bordeaux by Themes

Bordeaux and the Middle Ages (2 hours)

Bordeaux et son Moyen AgeThe visit evokes different neighbourhoods and suburbs:

  • the Great Bell, the emblem of the city’s Coat of Arms,
  • the Palace in which representatives of the British Crown resided,
  • St. Andrew’s Cathedral ,
  • the city walls,
  • the inner harbour…

The lifestyle of a gentleman in eighteenth century Bordeaux (2 hours)

Passage du Grand Théatre

“I can answer that, in less than four or five years, I will make this the most beautiful city of the kingdom” Louis Urbain Aubert, Marquis de Tourny for Bordeaux in 1746 for which he was Town Steward 1743-1757.

The tour allows you to discover buildings illustrating the different aspects of a day in the life of a nobleman in Bordeaux.

Our steps will take us to:

  • The Place Royal,
  • The Place Richelieu,
  • The Place de la Comédie,
  • The Allées de Tourny avenue,
  • The Place Tourny,
  • The Royal Garden,
  • The Cours Tourny courtyard,
  • The Place Dauphine.

Bordeaux and the return of the Bourbons (2 hours)

Bordeaux was the first city in France to complacently show the fleur-de-lis on the white flag of the French monarchy after the fall of Napoleon.
We will discover the private and public achievements of this period known as The Restoration including the construction of the first bridge over the River Garonne. Some street names still evoke that time: The Chartres and Orleans Avenues, The Louis XVIII Quays.

Pont de pierre

The Pont de Pierre (Stone Bridge)

Bordeaux: June 1940 The week of when everything changed (2 hours)

Ancien Hôtel Splendid

The Old Hotel Splendid

Within a week the fate of France was decided in Bordeaux. Find the history of France, the whereabouts of Herriot, Daladier, Gaul, Petain, Marquet, Laval…